Wear the White Poppy in Memory of All Victims of War

To make heard the voices of the thousands of Quebeckers opposed to the Canadian government’s militaristic policies, the Collectif Échec à la guerre invites you to participate in a collective « media action, » similar to those undertaken in 2017 and in previous years.

The following statement will be published on Saturday, November 3, on a full page in the newspaper Le Devoir, dedicated to the memory of all the victims of war and on the occasion of the Remembrance Day on November 11:

In memory of all the victims of war.

Given that for many decades now, wars have resulted in a lot more civilian than military casualties and millions of women, men and children are forgotten during official Remembrance Day commemorations;

Given that for the fifth consecutive year, the total number of persons uprooted worldwide by wars, ongoing violence and persecution continues to rise, attaining a new record of 68.5 million people;

Given that Canada’s supposed « new role » in the world is utter nonsense: Canada is increasing deployments to Latvia and Iraq, it has announced a 70 per cent increase in military spending over 10 years, it has generated record arms sales to Saudi Arabia, one of the countries with the worst human rights record that is also engaged in an atrocious war in Yemen which, based on the UN, has resulted in « the worst humanitarian crisis in the world »;

Given that we demand a radical change in Canadian international policy, that would notably translate into the end of kowtowing to U.S. empire, withdrawal from NATO and non-participation in the global arms trade;

We, the undersigned, wear the white poppy as a symbol of opposition to Canada’s militarist policies and to the memory of all the victims of war.

The white poppy is the symbol of all the casualties of war. The collective’s aim is to collect a very large number of individual signatures and endorsements from organizations. That list is to appear below the statement. The funding required to succeed in this endeavour is $7,000. If more is collected, the Collective will use it to provide even more media visibility to our campaign.

The campaign’s deadline is on October 31.

For further information, to support the campaign, endorse the statement or make a financial contribution, visit the website at: echecalaguerre.org

(Translated from original French by Chantier politique.)