National Assembly to Begin Sitting on November 13

The first parliamentary session of the National Assembly’s 42nd legislature is to begin on November 13 at 1:40 p.m.

The session will begin with the election of a president and vice-president of the Assembly. This will be followed by an address given by the Lieutenant-Governor and an opening speech by the Premier. During the speech, the Premier will disclose the program he will be putting forward in the National Assembly over the course of the session. The opening speech then gives rise to a debate during which many elected members will speak and give their opinions on its content. The Prime Minister ends his speech with a motion that the Assembly approve the general policy of the government. The opening speech then gives rise to a debate in which several members take the floor to express their opinion on its content. This motion is put to a vote at the end of the debate.

Between now and October 16, the members elected on October 1 will be sworn in at the National Assembly. Then, on October 18, Premier François Legault will present the composition of his first cabinet.