Mass Demonstration in Germany Opposes Attempts to Sow Racist Divisions

People from all over Germany converged in Berlin on October 13 in a mass action against racism and xenophobia, and parties that espouse such aims. The action was organized by a broad alliance of associations, labour unions, parties and rights groups. An estimated 240,000 people took part. Previously, throughout the summer, anti-immigration protests have been taking place in eastern German cities.

Marchers carried placards reading « build bridges not walls, » « united against racism » and « we are indivisible — for an open and free society. » They vehemently rejected attempts to create divisions in German society, with the word of the day being « unteilbar » which translates as « indivisible. »

As in Quebec, the financial oligarchy in Germany is desperate to consolidate its power over the human and natural resources of the country. It is raising issues linked to immigration to foment social divisions. It does this by not permitting a serious inquiry into issues related to the global movement of peoples as a result of the neo-liberal global economy and the wars of aggression and occupation taking place, especially in West Asia and North Africa, which have led to massive migrations of persons into Europe.

A feature of the state-organized offensive is the bolstering of parties called extremist which are then said to represent public opinion and to blame the people for racism and to smash any attempt to organize themselves politically in defence of the rights of all.

Disinformation about how the issue of the tragic displacement of peoples caused by war and aggression by the U.S. and NATO, of which Germany is a member, is used to depoliticize the movements of the people aimed at changing the direction of the economy and creating an anti-war government.

The mass demonstration in Berlin brings honour to the German working class and people who have a legacy to defend to never again permit the crimes against humanity to be committed in their name.