Our Common Cause

Quebeckers have common cause with the workers in the rest of Canada. Canada-wide, workers and communities are fighting for the same thing, the well-being of all. We are all confronted with the same problem — that we exercise no control over the political sector so that it recognizes its social responsibility.

The division between those who govern and those who are the subjects of that governance reflects the division of the society between a class comprised of those who control political power with the help of their courtiers, and a class composed of workers who have no control over the decisions that determine their working and living conditions. The aim of this society is to make the rich even richer, resulting in an increase in the number of poor and their further pauperization.

As a means of highlighting our common cause, Chantier politique today is providing you with news on the results of the elections in New Brunswick and a reflection on the first-past-the-post voting system that we have across Canada. The reflection deals with the problem of false majorities and the lack of representation inherent in that voting system. It’s a problem related to the system that the British imposed on us long ago. Although it is a voting method said to be democratic and representative, its aim is to maintain the division of the society to ensure that political power remains in the hands of the rich. It first maintained the colonial state in place and following that the arrangements of the Anglo-Canadian state and its confederation, that places Quebec and Canada at the mercy of the U.S. imperialist financial oligarchy, which dominates them.

Besides other news, we are publishing an item on the rail tragedy in northern Manitoba where various similarities can be drawn with what took place in Lac-Mégantic, such as the abandonment by the monopolies of any social responsibility and by the government of any political responsibility. The struggle of the workers and communities against such wrecking is also a common cause which binds us.

The workers of Quebec and of the rest of Canada have common cause because they share the territory, a history and common challenges and have the same federal government and similar problems at the provincial level, caused by anti-social offensives.

Chantier politique will continue to provide pertinent information on what is taking place in the rest of Canada.