An Elitist System That Has Lost Its Bearings

The fact that a so-called democratic election can bring a majority government to power such as that of the CAQ speaks volumes about the so-called democratic system — that it is an elitist system that has lost its bearings. Its institutions and arrangements are not capable of resolving conflicts between individuals, or between individuals and collectives, or harmonizing individual and collective interests with the general interests of the society.

The electoral process has been usurped by marketing firms that micro-target individuals with divisive questions, which it is then claimed, gives rise to a mandate. An election using marketing techniques aimed at targeting people is a sign of a system that has lost its ability to set standards on the basis of which conflicts between individuals or between individuals and collectives can be resolved. It is urgent that an aim be given to the society, one that recognizes that the body politic is comprised of citizens who are all equal members of that body politic.

Dividing people into categories dehumanizes them, so that they can then be treated as objects vulnerable to be criminalized if they do not adopt « good values » and « good behaviour. »