October 4: Justice Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls!

Every year since 2006 vigils are held in Quebec and across Canada on October 4 to honour the memory of the more than 4,000 missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. Chantier politique is posting the announcements of the events in Montreal and Ottawa and encourages everyone to attend.

The disappearances and deaths of Indigenous women and girls are a blight on the society which is still based on a racist system of colonial justice. Not only should they not take place, but the failure to investigate them and bring the culprits to justice and bring closure to the families is not acceptable. Despite words of the Prime Minister and his provincial counterparts which say that this state of affairs will be ended, it carries on because the state is racist and its laws actually protect the elite in power. The refusal to investigate these cases and bring those responsible to justice is ingrained in the system. In not a few cases the police themselves are implicated in racist violence against Indigenous women and girls which they carry out with impunity. If not the police, the judges and politicians themselves or their agents who prop up the system of prisons called reservations and the urban ghettos which go hand in hand with them.

Join in these actions to demand justice and that governments be held to account for the ongoing crimes against Indigenous peoples that have created this state of affairs.

Community Feast — 4:00-5:45 pm
Victoria Island
Vigil, Ceremony and Round dance — 6:00 pm
Parliament Hill

Organized by: Families of Sisters in Spirit

Love, Rage and Solidarity
6:00 pm
Cabot Square, Atwater Metro

Organized by: Centre for Gender Advocacy, Concordia Student Union and CKUT