Democracy Is a Question of the Highest Principle

Democracy is a question of the highest principle, and workers have every right to demand that their own government be democratic. The question that arises is: How is this to be achieved? Can democracy be brought about by merely demanding that the government uphold its promises without paying attention to the content of what the workers are fighting for?

Life experience shows that this kind of struggle cannot succeed. The way to achieve democracy is to push forward the content of the workers’ struggles, both their short- and long-term demands, along with those of the working people, and develop those forms which actually assist them to be achieved. In this context, workers come to realize the need for and demand the democratic methods to ensure the success of their struggles.

The struggle for democracy is a long-term struggle and it should not be waged as a struggle in and of itself. In the short-term struggles, the issue should focus on the workers’ demands at a particular time, and how these demands can be won. On other questions which affect the participation of the workers in terms of putting the full weight of their organizations behind their demands, such as the methods used in conducting negotiations, setting agendas, conducting elections or the positions to be taken on various issues, workers should express themselves as to why these things are right or wrong. However, these positions will also be in terms of how they help or hinder the accomplishment of their specific demands.

The level of consciousness and organization of the workers is raised in the course of waging battles in defence of their demands and those of the people to create space for themselves within a situation. While they are waging these battles, they should also participate in working out how these issues such as democracy pose themselves. They should learn to sum up their experiences and analyze and see what actually assists their struggles.

Following the Quebec election, the Marxist-Leninists will continue to speak openly. They will continue to provide information which tackles issues directly, taking facts from life so as to assist in getting the society to take up a democratic orientation and to contribute to the same nationally and internationally.