The Traditional Parties’ Morbid Preoccupation with Defeat

The parties vying to form the next government have formed a cartel which clings to power by any means possible. Their sectarian quarrels make clearer every day their lack of a plan to tackle the problems facing Quebec society. This is also why none of them can distinguish themselves in this election and why a morbid preoccupation with defeat is expressed in all their actions.

After the dust settles from their sectarian fighting for power, the truth will be laid bare: for these parties there is no body politic called on to express its sovereign will, just « voters » whose only duty is to chose the party with the « best » policies to form the next government. A range of policies are offered. There are right- and left-wing policies. There are even « communist » ones said to have a hidden agenda to take over the world!

It is said that this election is about change. But change is not a matter of good and bad policies. It is about changing the fundamental direction of the economy. It is about taking political decisions that activate the human productive forces to realize this change.