To Be Very Clear

Yesterday, Chantier politique published two editorials, the first titled « The Spectre of Communism » and the second titled « To Be Clear. » Both addressed what it means to be communist — the PMLQ is definitely communist which is why it has no hidden agenda. Today, Chantier politique follows up with two other editorals titled « To Be Very Clear »  and « To Be Clear Is Important » to address the accusations that Québec solidaire is communistic and the erroneous link between this and having a hidden agenda.

While there is nothing hidden about Québec solidaire’s agenda, there is nothing communistic about it either. Despite a difference between its methods of work and those of the traditional type of parties which have formed governments to date, Québec solidaire is a party which is essentially like the others with which it is vying to form the government. These parties each believe that they have good policies while those of their rivals are bad.

However, before the government was dissolved, Québec solidaire was not able to discern the anti-labor and anti-social objective of key laws like Bill 101, An Act to give effect to the Charbonneau Commission recommendations on political financing, and Bill 152, An Act to amend various labour-related legislative provisions mainly to give effect to certain Charbonneau Commission recommendations. Both pieces of legislation took their cue from the Charbonneau Commission whose main aim was to hide that the source of corruption is the stranglehold of the monopolies on the society and the government, not the workers or their defence organizations. Both pieces of legislation seek to solve problems by criminalizing the workers and people.

These laws have only exacerbated the crisis in which the pay-the-rich democracy is mired. It creates a situation in which none of the parties promoted by the ruling class are seen by the people as a clear cut viable alternative at this time. Despite this, Québec solidaire is rising in the polls because people are so fed up with the sectarian fighting and vacuous brawling which has been a main feature of this campaign.

None of this is discussed in the election because the fight over good and bad policies covers up what politics precisely are needed to solve the problems facing the society and the need to provide society with an aim at this time. A better Barrette in charge of health care is still a Barrette — a rue barrée (blocked road) in which the needs of the people and their society are not taken into account, just the demands of the rich for their pound of flesh.

This is a time of neo-liberal globalization and nation-wrecking. The working people must be enabled to provide the society with a new aim, consistent with the needs of the times.