Why Cast a Vote for a Small Party Candidate or an Independent

An issue in this election is how fed-up people are with the system of party government called representative democracy. People don’t see themselves represented at all. The so-called major parties decide what are called election issues based on marketing strategies put forward by agencies that hire themselves out to parties around the world. To disguise anti-social aims and make sure people do not organize to speak for themselves, these « election issues » distort how things actually pose themselves.

The first week of the campaign was marked by an avalanche of promises designed to manipulate the concerns of the body politic about child care, health care and elder care, all of it done with obvious cynicism. For the ruling oligarchs, it’s about finding a champion who will not falter and prevail decisively. One of the « major » parties must form the government, no matter what. Their best choice is whichever one will meet the demands of the supranational interests that have taken over our economy and political institutions.

The PMLQ calls on electors to reject this affront and vote for small party or independent candidates as a way to express this rejection.