Join the Campaign of the PMLQ for an Informed Vote and People’s Empowerment!

The electoral system and the monopoly media privilege the parties in the Legislature by providing millions of dollars from the public purse and in free promotion to run their campaigns while small parties and independent candidates are treated as second class and deliberately hidden from the electorate. The worst part is that the citizens are given no recognition at all. They are reduced to a vote bank, abused and deprived of their right to speak unless they register as « third parties »! How can citizens be « third parties? »

The logic of the establishment is that an election is held to form a party government and nothing else matters. The fact remains that this status quo blocks the people from decision-making and is increasingly distasteful to the polity. In the 2014 provincial election, 29 per cent of registered electors abstained from voting, to say nothing about those that held their noses and voted for what they considered to be the « lesser evil. »

Let’s make a break from these politics of disempowerment and affirm that there are alternatives to the current state of affairs and direction for Quebec.

The PMLQ’s campaign is based on democratic principle not self-serving expediency. As working people we can speak for ourselves and must have a say in the affairs of our workplaces, educational institutions, communities, villages, towns, cities and all of Quebec. Join us in the work for an informed vote and people’s empowerment!