The Role of the Working Class in the Election – 2

The ruling class sets agendas in the election which block discussion. Their aim is not to solve the problems facing the society but to get elected.

The parties deemed worthy of being elected to the National Assembly offer electoral platforms of what they and/or their marketing agencies think will get them elected. The monopoly media tell us what are « the issues. » The leaders’ debates are held to declare which of these « issues » concern the people the most and who will best deal with them.

The only ones who are without a voice are the working people! In other words, it is more of the same — agendas are set which block discussion. The electoral system which brings political parties, not the people, to power, blocks the people’s participation in political affairs by reducing them to a vote bank.

The Quebec people’s desire to humanize the natural and social environment — which they fight for and affirm in myriad ways every day — remains out of their reach when it comes to official policy. The people do not accept the neo-liberal mantra that prosperity for the few drives the economy no matter what the cost to the many. They do not accept marauders in the form of supranational oligopolies that wreck manufacturing, steal natural resources and destroy whatever they cannot control.

To humanize the natural and social environment requires the human factor — human beings who bring about democratic renewal so that they vest sovereignty in themselves and can set agendas which affirm the rights of all. They need the decision-making power to be under their control, not the control of the rich. Only the working class can create the new democratic personality that is needed today.