The Role of the Working Class in the Election – 1

The election necessarily raises the question of whether the state of affairs which prevails today will remain the same after the election. Will the disastrous pay-the-rich policy of governments in the service of the rich carry on, along with the destruction of social programs which serve the needs of the people? Will the the right of the working class and broad masses of the people to have a say in their living and working conditions and the direction of the economy continue to be trampled in the mud? What about their need for stability, peace of mind and the enjoyment of what belongs to them by right? How about the needs of the youth so that they can build a bright future for themselves, and of the seniors, the children, Indigenous peoples and the most vulnerable?

To answer this question a broad discussion is required on the role the working class can play in the election, one that also gets into the details of what can be done. If the workers do not participate in the election by first identifying their own needs and laying claims on that which belong to them by right, the ruling class will once again succeed in splitting the polity along party lines and finding itself a champion to serve its interests for the next four years.