An irrational use of the word democratic

Working people across Quebec produce all the wealth everyone in society depends on for their well-being. Why then, when an election takes place do they have no say over the agenda of society?

Every day workers are united to do their work. They also unite to fight for their rights and make claims for what belongs to them by right. These claims belong to them by right because their work created the wealth. It is thanks to their work that the economy prospers. Why then, during an election, should they divide their ranks and chose a political party which comes to power to rule on behalf of the rich? It is irrational.

This shows that the electoral system is not democratic at all in the manner the people understand that word to mean. It does not bring the people to power. In fact, it ensures the people are not brought to power. A clever invention of the rich is to make sure the society is divided between a privileged few who govern in return for those privileges and the many who are governed and have no say within what is called the democratic system.

During an election, more than ever, the working people are the ones who need to be heard, not politicians of the big parties whose sole aim is to come to power so that they can bring in arrangements which better serve the rich. The big parties are champions of the rich, not the people. The working class of Quebec must have an independent voice in the election and argue out how it can make sure the concerns of the workers are heard.