The Plans of the CAQ Government

Just over a week has gone by since the imposition of the Coalition Avenir Québec majority government and already the « plans » it has announced are creating tensions. Besides the anti-social objective, attempts at dividing the population under all sorts of pretexts are multiplying: city dwellers versus those in the suburbs; francophones against anglophones; those who defend freedom of conscience and those who use it to threaten others; and the divisions between those who see the affirmation of their identity through different means.

While parroting the « plans » of this government, the media do not say that the method of dividing people on all fronts is to mask the aim of paying the rich that is imposed on society. They do not question the purpose of this method. The citizenry, however, does not accept the imposition of private interests as the aim of the society. The election result, which nevertheless showed this clear opposition, is passed over in silence.

Nevertheless, the main aspects of the « plans » announced by Mr. Legault as the mandated application of his election promises underline the need to renew democracy. This is the lesson we must learn from the imposition of the CAQ as the majority government.