The October 1 Election

Chantier politique‘s analysis of the election results is very fitting and needed to combat the media disinformation that « the Quebec people have chosen » the CAQ. More hysterical attempts to divide people and call Quebeckers racist are already following.

Chantier politique‘s perspective provides a calm analysis of the numbers, what the workers and people can expect in terms of attacks and dirty tricks, as well as who Legault is and what interests he represents. This information is useful to the workers and movement so as to see and develop a way forward within the upcoming situation facing the polity.

Congratulations to Chantier politique for the high caliber articles and its constant work throughout the election and following the results to advance the cause of the working class. We must carry on the work to develop our independent politics!

Linda Sullivan is the PMLQ candidate in Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne.