Smoke and Mirrors

Pierre Soublière —

A government must look after the public interest, and the public interest is the defence of the rights of all.

In the Outaouais, there was massive destruction to dwellings by one of the tornadoes that hit the region. According to many, this was one of the worst disasters that struck the area for several decades. Everyone agrees that it is a miracle that no one lost their life.

The party « leaders » all paraded around here one after the other during the election, and spoke about climate change. Couillard said he would give a million dollars to the Red Cross and mandated it to relocate the victims, hundreds of which who will not be able to return to their homes. The Red Cross announced today that the relocation of these people could take years, not months!

Is it not the responsibility of the government to assess, with the appropriate people, what the housing needs are and to provide the necessary funds so that the victims, many of whom have lost everything, can safely move into a home before winter arrives? People have the right to have these expectations of the government because as human beings they have the right to have a roof over their heads and live in safety. Some of them are immigrants. Legault claims he is raising the issue of immigration because he wants newcomers to be better integrated. Well, here is a great opportunity to help people move back into a home as soon as possible. For the victims and for all of us, the definition of « integration » is what’s important — it must be humane.

Pierre Soublière is the PMLQ candidate in Hull.