ABI Steelworkers’ Song

A worker at the ABI aluminum smelter, owned by the Alcoa-Rio Tinto cartel, has written a song denouncing the lockout imposed on the steelworkers at the smelter by the owners since January 11, almost 10 months ago. ABI’s steelworkers have posted this song online as an expression of the defence of their dignity as workers. The cartel’s refusal to negotiate a collective agreement that is acceptable to the workers is an attack on the dignity and rights of all workers, which is why workers in Quebec, Canada and elsewhere around the world are stepping up their actions in support of the ABI workers.

Please circulate this video and support the struggle of these workers in any way possible.

You can send your messages of support to Clément Masse, the President of the union local at clement.masse@seab.qc.ca. To send financial support by cheque, make the cheque payable to Métallos SL 9700 F.D.P. and send it to:

Eric Moore, Financial Secretary
United Steelworkers Local 9700
8310 Desormeaux Street, Bécancour
Quebec G9H 2X2