The PMLQ’s Participation in the Election

Pierre Soublière —

Let us begin by saying that our participation in the elections on the basis of democratic renewal and for a modern Quebec that defends the rights of all is what is required before, during and after the elections.

The opening of the Montreal office, encouraging workers to speak out and giving them pride of place on Chantier politique’s website and in our interventions on the living and working conditions of workers has placed this necessity on the agenda. What took place during these elections and the results show that this is more necessary than ever.

To repeat what the PMLQ said, « for these parties there is no body politic called on to express its sovereign will, just ‘voters’ whose only duty is to choose the party with the best policies to form the next government. » The people’s claims, in particular with regard to the working conditions of hospital workers such as mandatory overtime for nurses, were omnipresent over the course of the election period and the necessity for the working class to rally behind these demands and to develop its independent program as the producer of all the social wealth, for a new direction for the economy, is more pressing than ever. Once the dust has settled following the election, the new majority government will take up the anti-social and anti-national offensive from where the Liberals left off.

We will then grasp the real meaning behind Coalition Avenir Québec’s « change with continuity. »

On the issue of NAFTA alone, whose deadline imposed by Trump corresponded with the very day of the Quebec election, we can see through Legault’s reaction that the entire issue of the subjugation of Quebec and Canada to the economic, political and military interests of the United States, is dealt with in the most superficial way possible. As well, the responses that claim to defend the national question in Quebec by stating, among other things, that this proves that Canada’s interests are not the same as those of Quebec, do not explain what has to be defended or how the national question poses itself today.

Issues such as NAFTA show how important it is for the Quebec working class to join ranks with its Canadian counterpart in the rest of the country to vest decision-making power in itself. It must put forward new constitutional arrangements founded on democratic principles. Decision-making power must be exercised by the people, and the recognition of Quebec, the First Nations and a free and equal union with the rest of Canada, provides a new constitutional basis. Workers must also demand that we withdraw from all economic, military and security agreements which bind us hand and foot to the U.S.

Dealing with such issues by presenting them in all their significance and developing resistance to the anti-social and anti-national offensive in defence of the rights of all will also contribute to fighting all the diversions and schemes that the political and economic elite will continue to promote, as it did before and all through the election period. The role played by the PMLQ and its online newspaper in showing the alternative, even if it is only an emerging party, is more important than ever.

Pierre Soublière is the PMLQ candidate in Hull.