Election Night at the PMLQ’s Office

Candidates, members and friends of the PMLQ, along with a delegation from the Parti Changement intégrité pour notre Québec met at the PMLQ’s Montreal office to mark the close of the election. A lot of discussion took place during the evening.

PMLQ leader Pierre Chénier and other PMLQ candidates highlighted the importance of the work the Party had carried out during the election through Chantier politique, to give workers a voice to smash the silence on their living and working conditions. They also stressed the importance of continuing that work now that the election is over.

Parti Changement intégrité pour notre Québec leader Éric Émmond noted that his party has serious positions on issues such as workers’ rights and the defence of the environment, but that just like the other emerging parties, it faces a massive blockade with regard to the dissemination of those positions, and highlighted the importance of people developing their own media.