FRAPRU March for the Right to Housing

The march organized by the Front d’action populaire en réaménagement urbain (FRAPRU), « From Cities to Villages for the Right to Housing » that kicked off in Ottawa on September 2, arrived in Quebec City on Saturday, September 29. About 300 people marched in the streets of Quebec City and gathered in front of the National Assembly. They came from several Quebec regions, including Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, the Outaouais, Montreal, Abitibi, the South Shore, the Eastern Townships, the Mauricie and the Lower St. Lawrence regions.

Speakers denounced the complete silence imposed during the election on the urgent need for social housing. They reiterated their demands: the construction of 50,000 new social housing units over five years, improvements to the AccèsLogis program, an additional investment of $30 million in community support and the formal recognition of the right to housing in a provincial housing code, along with mandatory rent control. They said that no matter which government is elected on October 1, it must meet these urgent demands and recognize housing as a right, and that actions will continue until these demands are met.

The 560-km march crossed several regions of Quebec including the Outaouais, the Laurentians, Laval, Montreal, the South Shore and the Lanaudière regions. About 50 municipalities were visited.

FRAPRU reports that in addition to more than 100 endorsements from not only Quebec but also Canadian and international organizations along the route of the march, they also received the support of the population, municipalities and village mayors, as well as community, labour and religious organizations.

FRAPRU also reports that it has observed a glaring lack of social housing among those with low incomes living in populated areas that are being redeveloped, who are being pushed out of their communities and away from their support networks. This is also taking place in rural areas, especially amongst seniors who want to stay in their communities.
(Photos: FRAPRU, R. Michaud)