To Be Clear Is Important

To be clear is important. The PMLQ is communist and its platform is to humanize the natural and social environment so as to bring into being a modern Quebec which defends the rights of all. Its platform presents the real issues facing Quebeckers and their society at this time which is what modern communism does.

The PMLQ has dedicated its efforts in this election to provide a space for the working people to bring to the fore the real conditions of their lives and work. The material conditions of life are totally ignored by the parties which are promoted as contenders to form a new government. There is nothing good about that. Bringing these real conditions of life to the fore is also what modern communism does.

Finally, the platform of the PMLQ puts the activation of the human factor/social consciousness in first place. The people must be the decision-makers, not the rich. It can be done by ensuring a minority government and then, after the election, keeping it in check. Activating the human factor/social consciousness is also what modern communism does.

There is nothing hidden about this agenda. It is open, necessary and consistent with the demands of the times.