PMLQ Supports Initiative for a Constituent Assembly

All sorts of initiatives are being taken during this election to bring forward the concerns of the people, despite the blackout that the monopoly-owned media is imposing on electoral issues. During the campaign, the Alliance pour une constituante citoyenne (ACCQ) invites all candidates, political parties and citizens to sign the call Together, let’s build Quebec! in favour of a constituent assembly to modernize the current political process.

To respond to the need of the people of Quebec to be at the centre of the decisions concerning their future and adopt a political process that serves them, the ACCQ proposes the creation of a Constituent Assembly « based on the universal and inalienable right of the peoples to determine their own affairs, the right to self-determination. […] A constitution is what defines us as a distinct people and protects us from abuses of power. It is the Fundamental Law that all leaders, organizations and citizens must respect. » The initiative must rest in the hands of the citizens of Quebec because, « To write our constitution we must appeal to the sovereign people as the political parties are in a conflict of interests on that matter. It’s not up to the people in power to write the rules for the exercise of power. »

In its appeal it emphasizes that, « To overcome this political impasse it is not enough to demonstrate or change the party in power. We must change the political system itself and the rules of the game that are the basis of our powerlessness. […] In our opinion, the solution lies in the respect for the legitimate source of power, the people themselves. »