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April 26, 2019

English Edition, No. 8

April 22-27 Actions In Defence of Mother Earth

All Out to Humanize the Natural and Social Environment!

Demonstration in Quebec City on April 22, 2019 where 5,000 people, mainly youth, took to the streets to demand concrete measures from governments for the protection of the natural and social environment.

Earth Week is taking place in Quebec, Canada and worldwide from April 22-27, 2019 to keep the focus on the urgency of climate change, the need for collective action to overcome its destructive effects on the environment and the need to build an economy that will protect the natural and social environment and guarantee the well-being of human beings. Students and youth in Quebec as well as worldwide already set the tone during the global student day of action in support of the environment on March 15. They demanded change in order to build a bright future and advance the society. They declared: "We are that change" and it is within that perspective that they are participating in Earth Week, which wraps up with a mass demonstration in Montreal on April 27.

It is not possible to protect the environment without changing the direction of the economy, which presently places all that nature and human toil has provided us with at the disposal of large supranational private interests. Those large interests are presently squandering that wealth in the most destructive adventures, including through U.S.-led wars of aggression and occupation. The week's actions are aimed at condemning the irresponsible practices of the monopolies and oligopolies such as fracking, water contamination and others. In that regard, the U.S. war industry itself is the biggest polluter. The actions also oppose the dispossession of the First Nations and vigorously support their sovereign right to their territories and their defence of Mother Earth.

In Quebec, intense battles are being waged against the construction of the 750-km Gazoduq pipeline which passes through Abitibi-Témiscamingue, the Upper Mauricie region, Lac-Saint-Jean and the Saguenay, as well as the Saguenay fjord and the St. Lawrence River, a route that includes territories of the First Nations. Groups demanding the rapid decontamination of close to 500 abandoned mine sites in Quebec are also in action. The government must not allow large mining corporations to act with impunity.

These actions are taking place to demand that various governments take up their responsibility to protect the environment and ensure the well-being of the peoples. They are taking place to demand that governments abandon their neo-liberal agenda, with its devastating effect both on the natural and social environment. They highlight the need and urgency to create new, modern arrangements whereby human beings and their relations with one another and with nature are given consideration and nurtured.

Just concerns over the destruction of the environment must take form within a movement that places people at centre-stage of all decision-making with regard to economic, political and social affairs.

All Out for a Successful March on April 27 In Defence of Mother Earth!

Youth encircle the National Assembly during the April 22, 2019 demonstration.

(Photos: Jour de la Terre, La Planète s'invite au Parlement)

Earth Week Mass Demonstration in Montreal  

Three departure points :
Place des Festivals ; Laurier Park ; Lafontaine Park
  Marches converge on Mount Royal


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