Chantier Politique

March 18, 2019

English Edition, No. 4

Students March Against Climate Change

"We Are the Change!" Affirm the Youth


The PMLQ hails the more than 150,000 youth from high schools, Cégeps and universities from across Quebec who took to the streets of Montreal as well as numerous other Quebec cities in a one-day strike on Friday, March 15 to demand urgent action on climate change. Over 50,000 youth demonstrated in the streets of Montreal, while in Gatineau they made their way to Parliament Hill in Ottawa to demand socially responsible policies from the federal government. Marches and other actions, such as human chains outside numerous high schools, began at 6:00 am.

The actions were organized within the framework of a global student strike for urgent action on climate change, held in over 100 cities worldwide. Students and youth are taking up their social responsibility for the protection of the natural and social environment and are demanding that the governments of Quebec and Canada do the same by defending the public interest in all the decisions they take. During the speeches at the conclusion of the Montreal demonstration, one high school student spokesperson told the Legault government: "Your government is a government of businessmen, however now that you are in power, the public interest is what you must defend."

Parliament Hill


Gatineau and Ottawa

Magdalen Islands and Gaspésie



La Pocatière



Quebec City

(Photos: Chantier politique, Gwano, Jacky Poirier, Le Placoteux, Erik Chouinard, La Planète s'invite à l'univsersité, SpectreMedia, Le Manic, Le Nord-Côtier)

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