June 23, 2019 
English Edition, No. 12

June 1, 2019 
English Edition, No. 11

Magnificent Family March in Solidarity with Locked-Out ABI Workers
• "The Alcoa/Rio Tinto/Quebec Government Dictate Must End!" Demonstrators Declare

May 17, 2019 
English Edition, No. 10

Large Family March In Solidarity With Locked Out ABI Workers
• All Out for the May 25th Action In Support of ABI Workers Fighting For Us All!
• Large Family March with Locked-Out ABI Workers

Let's Humanize the Natural and Social Environment!
• "We Want to Fight Climate Change, Not Adapt To It!" Say Quebec Youth
• Youth Call-Out to Participate in"Large Demo on Climate"

The Fight for Housing As a Right
• Over 300 Tenants Demand In-Depth Reform of Rental Board

Actions in Support of Peoples' Struggle for Rights and Their Future
• Demonstrators say "Hands Off Cuba and Venezuela!"

74th Anniversary of the Victory Over Fascism in Europe
• Successful March of the Immortal Regiment Held in Montreal
• Commemoration of 71 years of the NAKBA

Coming Event
• Patriots Day - Let's Celebrate Our History and Our Traditions! Social, Political and Cultural Get-Together.

April 29, 2019 
English Edition, No. 9

April 26, 2019 
English Edition, No. 8

April 22-27 Actions In Defence of Mother Earth
• All Out to Humanize the Natural and Social Environment!

April 8, 2019 
English Edition, No. 7

Resolute Action Against Untenable Conditions in Health Care
• Quebec Nurses' "No Mandatory Overtime" Day of Action on April 8

March 31, 2019 
English Edition, No. 6

March 21, 2019 
English Edition, No. 5

March 18, 2019 
English Edition, No. 4

Students March Against Climate Change
• "We Are the Change!" Affirm the Youth

March 14, 2019 
English Edition, No. 3

January 31, 2019 
English Edition, No. 2

In Memoriam
• Richard Allard

Premier Legault Presents His Vision of a Quebec Comprador Economy
• Dignity of the Quebec Nation and Its People Under Attack

The New Year Begins with Workers' Resistance
• ABI and Quebec Workers Mark First Anniversary
of ABI Aluminum Smelter Lockout

• Crane Operators, Allies and Experts All Say
No! to Irresponsible New Regulations

• Health Care Professionals Must Be Able to Work Safely
in Order to Provide Safe Care to the Population
- Julie Daignault

Tenants Speak Out
• Quebec Government Must Improve Housing Conditions and Prevent Abusive Rent Increases - Serge Lachapelle
• Social Housing Now! - FRAPRU Press Release


• Protestors Say No! to U.S. Coup Attempts Against Venezuela
• Ninth Commemoration of Earthquake in Haiti
• Montreal Women March in Defence of
Their Rights and The Rights of All

• Project for a New Constitution in Cuba -- Content and Consultation Process and Adoption
• Demonstration: Social Housing Now!
• 10th Benefit for the League of Rights and Freedoms

January 10, 2019 
English Edition, No. 1

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