January 21, 2018

English Edition, No. 1

New Year 2018

The PMLQ Inaugurates the New Year with
a Warm Celebration

New Year 2018
The PMLQ Inaugurates the New Year with a Warm Celebration
Greetings of the PMLQ for the New Year

New Year 2018

The PMLQ Inaugurates the New Year with
a Warm Celebration

Pierre Chénier, leader of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec (PMLQ), presented the Party's greetings for the New Year at a get-together held in Montreal on January 6. He welcomed the workers present from various sectors of the economy -- construction, the post office, transportation, retail, agriculture, education, health care and the public service -- as well as youth and students and people from various communities. He welcomed the Consul General of Cuba in Montreal, Mara Bilbao Díaz and members of the consular staff as well as the representative of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front of El Salvador-Montreal. On the occasion of the 59th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, Pierre reiterated that Quebeckers stand firmly with the Cuban people and their leadership in the pursuit of its revolution, to which the crowd responded "Viva Cuba!" and applauded.

"Thanks to the Revolution, Cubans have a leadership which is a part of them, not above them, and they work as one mighty force in the recovery work from Hurricanes Irma and Maria. It is a great feat which shows the whole world the miracles that can be performed when the separation of the polity into rulers and ruled is ended and a system is brought into being where the political power resides in the people and the people rule themselves," he said.

Pierre strongly condemned the brutal U.S. blockade and measures taken by the present U.S. administration to strengthen it. "The defiance of this brutality by the Cuban people inspires us to step up our work at their side in the coming year. The PMLQ calls on everyone to lend a hand at the monthly pickets held in front of the U.S. embassy on the 17th of each month. It is an opportunity to condemn the blockade and demand it be ended and that Guantánamo be returned to Cuba," he said.

He reiterated what Comrade Raúl Castro, President of the Republic of Cuba, said in his speech at the National Assembly in December: "The Cuban Revolution has withstood the onslaught of 11 U.S. administrations of different kinds and here we are and will remain, free, sovereign and independent."

Pierre announced that the Party will organize meetings in the CEGEPs and universities on solutions the Cuban people are finding to the problems they face as a result of the blockade to preserve free health care, education and to make sure nobody is left behind.

"Together with Cuba's internationalism, which is humanitarian to the nth degree, so too at home Cuba's social policy is profoundly humanitarian and shows that an alternative exists to the brutal anti-social offensive waged in Quebec," he said. He added that these meetings "will be useful for workers and youth working hard to find solutions to the problems they face here to defend the rights of all. The conditions in Quebec and Cuba are not the same, but we are all human beings capable of sorting out the problems we face in a manner that favours us. We have a lot to learn from one another and experiences to exchange as we build our people to people friendship," Pierre concluded to shouts of Viva Cuba!

With regard to the work for the new year, Pierre said that the Party intends to focus its energies on stepping up the work to mobilize the people to resolve problems in their favour. Within that context, the Party is involving members and supporters in discussion on how the workers can intervene in the general election to be held in Quebec in October. These elections must not be another occasion to authorize others to act in our name, in defence of a political power that is not ours, Pierre said. How to involve the working people in politics so that we ourselves can find solutions to the serious problems facing Quebec is the crux of the matter, Pierre said.

After informing of upcoming meetings of the PMLQ's National Council, Pierre proposed a toast to the success of this work and everyone's endeavours in 2018, to which everyone joined in and applauded warmly. A delicious buffet was accompanied by lively discussion. A slide show reviewed actions carried out by the workers and all sections of the people in 2017. The scope of the struggles and positions taken by the people of Quebec in defence of their rights was greatly appreciated.

At the request of all, the Patriots' song of 1837-1838 La Canadienne was performed, along with the poem Un Canadien pensant. Traditional call-and-response songs followed, to everyone's delight.

The evening was a great success all round -- the Party's intervention on the need to step up the work for the New, the exchanges throughout the evening, the pleasure of being together, the good food, the music. It was a good way to usher in the New Year.

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Greetings of the PMLQ for the New Year

On the occasion of the New Year, the Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec (PMLQ) sends its greetings to Quebec workers who are fighting to defend their rights as workers within their collectives and to make the defence of rights the goal for society as a whole.

Our greetings also go out to the Quebec youth engaged in the struggle to defend the rights of all in all their spheres of endeavour. Besides fighting to make sure human beings are at the centre of solutions when it comes to the economy and social and cultural affairs, they also stand second to none when it comes to defending the natural environment. Their spirit is that It Can Be Done! It Must be Done!

This New Year, the PMLQ also salutes the work carried out by the representatives of many communities which make Quebec a dynamic place in which we live and work. We are fighting as one to oppose the state-organized racist attacks and laws which divide the people in the name of high ideals, including ironically in the name of unity. The more discredited the old policies of divide and rule become, the more the people are blamed for xenophobia and narrow nationalism and racist mafia gangs are unleashed against them. The aim is to justify the use of police powers to criminalize sections of the people as well as speech and dissent and to block resistance and the building of the New. In this regard, one aim is to divert the people from acquiring an outlook that identifies solutions to the problems which face them and their society and natural environment.

At this time we also salute the Indigenous peoples whose territories we inhabit. The fight of the peoples to seek justice for murdered and missing women and girls and abuse by the authorities as well as to establish relations on a modern nation-to-nation basis is courageous and deserves the support of all.

At this time a battle is being waged in Quebec against the creation of governments of police powers, which impose unacceptable conditions on the people. Workers, among others, are deprived of what belongs to them by right and, like the youth and minorities, and the Indigenous peoples, they are marginalized and their right to speak is denied, either directly or through disinformation.

The PMLQ is determined to make headway on this front in 2018. Freedom of speech is far more than a civil right which can be limited and taken away. It is a human right, which means people have the right to discuss and inform themselves about their conditions and provide themselves with an argument on how to move forward. To divert attention from the need to find the real problems they and their collectives and society as a whole face and what to do about them, attacks are launched against the workers using laws and the courts, while state-organized racist attacks against minorities are blamed on the people. The policies of divide and rule have the aim of not only dividing the people but also diverting the working class and people from sorting out the problems they and their society face in a manner that favours them. 

This is an election year in Quebec and in the Party's opinion it is our duty together to oppose sectarianism and find solutions to the serious problems facing Quebec, Canada and the social and natural environments. The Party will deploy its best efforts to involve the people in politics and to not permit their political movements to be smashed by sectarianism and disinformation. We call on everyone to see what can be done so that elections, expected to be held in October, are not an occasion to merely authorize others to act in our name in defence of a political power which is not ours. In the coming year the workers and youth will be paying first-rate attention to intervening in the elections in a manner which favours them. 

Our working class is a contingent of the Canadian and international working class. Our future lies not in the 19th century values of the British empire and 20th century values of U.S. imperialism and their current incarnation, called Canadian or Quebec values. These values stand for divide and rule on the basis of communal considerations, gender, religion and every other aspect of identity.  

Our future lies in uniting on the basis of our fight for rights by virtue of being human. We are one human race! Together we can tackle the challenges posed by the anti-social offensive and the creation of governments of police powers which seek to destroy any united response to any situation. 

We must also deal with the war dangers posed by the U.S. imperialists in which Canada is more and more embroiled. Quebeckers are used as special detachments of the Canadian armed forces but they have also always been in the forefront of the anti-war movement. Let us proudly uphold our fighting traditions and use our speech to make sure Quebec cannot be used successfully as a base for war and that our youth are not used as cannon-fodder against their counterparts in other countries.

This year we are also duty-bound to smash the disinforming outlook about what the U.S. imperialists and their allies in countries such as Canada are doing in Venezuela, Honduras, Brazil, and other places. We stand with the movement for the unification of Korea without foreign interference and we demand that the U.S. sign a peace treaty with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and stop its war exercises and threats against the Korean people. We also demand that Canada stop participating with the U.S. and Japan in war exercises that target the DPRK. Nuclear blackmail must be countered by opposing any attempt to use it to threaten those who refuse to come under U.S. control. 

We support the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela, under vicious attack in which Canada is taking a leading role, and we stand as one with the peoples of all of Latin America and the Caribbean. We have a particular responsibility and commitment towards the people of Haiti with whom we share weal and woe here in Quebec, and to ending the U.S. imperialist blockade of Cuba.

The National Council of the PMLQ is meeting before the end of January to review and assess the work which the Party and fighting forces in Quebec carried out in the past year and set the Party's work for this year. The General Assembly of Party members will also be held in good time prior to the elections, which are expected in October if the ruling party abides by the intent of the law on fixed election dates. Meanwhile, the organizations of the Party are holding discussions amongst Party members and with the workers and youth to make sure everyone is part of the decision-making process, informed through their active participation and involved in implementing the decisions they themselves take.

We must counter all moves to destroy the human factor/social consciousness by affirming it. This is what imbues the movement with optimism and confidence that things can be turned around in favour of the people. 

At this time, the dangers going forward are great. The U.S. imperialists and other great powers have politicized private interests that are marauding around the world to bring everything under their control.

Upholding the sovereignty of the nation state and serving the public interest is not what motivates the cartels, made up of oligopolies, as they seek hegemonic power in a desperate effort to avert their own demise. They wantonly destroy whatever they cannot control.

But theirs is not the only power that exists. Human beings are capable of controlling the products of their own creation and making history in a manner which puts them, not private interests, at centre stage. If you look beyond the anarchy and chaos which prevails, you will see the face of the New, of the human factor/social consciousness striving to break through the darkness and shine. You see it in the struggles of our people and the working class of Canada as a whole to find a solution to the problems that society faces. You see it in the defiance of the Cuban people and their struggle to defend their nation-building project which puts human beings at centre-stage. You see it in the striving of the Venezuelan people, the Honduran people, the Palestinian and Korean people and the peoples all over the world who are trying to create a climate of peace to sort out problems against the violent methods used by the counter-revolutionary forces.  The battles to defend the rights of all show us the face of the New striving to come into being.

As we focus all our energies to mobilize the people to build the New in this country, we call on everyone to step up the tempo of their work by applying the method of educating the educators and mobilizing others to carry out work alongside us, not by exhausting themselves. For this, they must use their speech to provide an argument so that others come forward to author the decisions themselves and join in together to create successes. This is the first step required to oppose the old forms of decision-making and organization whereby people are to elect representatives to act in their name. These old forms are being manipulated today to sanction governments of police powers said to act in our name. It must not pass. We must act in our own name and create the kind of democratic personality which corresponds to the requirements of the times.

We wish everyone success in this endeavour.

Greetings to All in Quebec and Across Canada and the World
Fighting to Build the New!
Let Us Together Make Headway in Our Fight to Defend the Rights of All!

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