March 28, 2018 
English Edition, No. 5
100th Anniversary of Demonstrations Against Conscription in Quebec
Not A Single Youth for Imperialist War! Make Quebec a Zone of Peace!
March 28, 1918: Anti-Conscription Protests in Quebec - Geneviève Royer

March 21, 2018 
English Edition, No. 4
Uphold the Demands of Seasonal Workers to Live in Dignity! - Pierre Chénier
Workers Beware of Liberal Hypocrisy!
Interview, Line Sirois, Coordinator, Action Chômage, Quebec Côte-Nord

March 8, 2018 
English Edition, No. 3
Long Live March 8, International Women's Day!
All Out for the Affirmation and Emancipation of Women and All of Society!

Short Interviews with Women Workers on the Occasion of March 8th
Manon Castonguay, President of USW Local 6486 for Workers at the
CEZinc Refinery in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield

Magali Giroux, Postal Worker, Member of the Montreal Local
of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers

Nathalie Savard, President of the Union of Health Care Workers
in Northeastern Quebec

Nathalie Soullière, Construction Worker and Member of the Electrical Union (FIPOE)

Statistics on the Situation of Women in Quebec

Calendar of Events

February 20, 2018 
English Edition, No. 2
Employees Acquitted of Criminal Negligence in Lac-Mégantic Disaster
Attempts to Hide Economic Aim of Those Responsible
Governments and Oil Monopolies Must Render Account  for Their Criminal Negligence
Important Demands to Ensure Accountability and Safety  for Lac-Mégantic and all Rail Communities

January 21, 2018 
English Edition, No. 1
New Year 2018
• The PMLQ Inaugurates the New Year with a Warm Celebration
• Greetings of the PMLQ for the New Year

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