December 6, 2018 
English Edition, No. 11

Quebeckers Stand Firm in Support of the
Workers' Struggles in Defence of the Rights of All!

A Businessman's Speech Inaugurates New Session of National Assembly

For Your Information
Main Aspects of Opening Speech

29th Anniversary of the Polytechnique Tragedy
Concrete Measures Needed to Counter Violence Against Women

Important Struggles for the Affirmation of Rights
Firm Condemnation of Federal Back-to-Work Legislation Criminalizing Postal Workers
Locked-Out ABI Workers Show What Needs to Be Done
All Out for Concrete Social Housing Measures

Workers Speak Out
The Need to Recognize the Majority of Workers Who Make Up the Base of the Health Care Network - Benoît Taillefer
Commemoration of the Polytechnique Massacre -- December 6 Actions to End All Forms of Violence Against Women
Public Meeting on the Occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 

November 29, 2018 
English Edition, Special Dossier

November 23, 2018 
English Edition, No. 10
Quebec National Assembly Begins Its Proceedings
Workers Must Warn the Government that They Reject Its Statement that Quebec Is "Open for Business"
The Wrecking of Bombardier Exposes the Hopelessness of the Oligarchs' Political Representatives
- K.C. Adams
Construction Sector Workers Oppose Introduction of Police Regime - Pierre Chénier

For Your Information
First Session of New National Assembly 

Postal Workers Reject Government Threats and Stand Firmly Behind their Demands - Louis Lang
CEGEP and University Students Demand Paid Internships
Pantry in Danger Campaign: Over 5,000 March for Our Future Food Security - Union of Agricultural Producers (UPA)
Gatineau's Garbage Collectors Confront French Multinational Derichebourg - Pierre Soublière
Book Launch Highlights the Resolve of Activists in Defence of Housing as a Right - Serge Lachapelle

Workers Speak Out
Housing: a Right - Véronique Laflamme
Resources for So-Called Underprivileged Area Schools and the Arbitrariness of Public Education Funding - Geneviève Royer

Third Commemoration Evening for the Centenary of the End of WWI
All Out to Support ABI Locked Out Workers!

November 15, 2018 
English Edition, No. 9
Necessity for a New Pro-Social Outlook and Direction for the Economy
Bombardier in Turmoil
- K.C. Adams -
All Out for November 28 Montreal Demonstration in
Support of ABI Locked-Out Workers

Workers Speak Out
Training in the Construction Industry Must Be Upgraded
- Simon Lévesque -
Another Painful Chapter for Longueuil Library Workers
- Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) -
Urgent Need to Ensure Safety of Truckers and the Public
- Normand Chouinard -

All Out to Humanize the Social and Natural Environment!
50,000 Demonstrators Demand a Pro-Social Agenda to Protect
the Natural Environment -- Join In!

Death of Bernard Landry
A Statesman Who Left His Mark On Quebec's Past Three Decades
- Pierre Chénier -

PMLQ Continues Commemorations on the Centenary of
the End of First World War
Vigil in Memory of All the Victims of War

Second Commemorative Evening on the Centenary of
the End of the First World War
Picket to End the U.S. Blockade of Cuba and for the Return
the Guantanamo Naval Base to Cuba

November 8, 2018 
English Edition, No. 8

November 1, 2018 
English Edition, No. 7

One Month of Arbitrary Power

For Your Information
Measures Taken and Announced by the Legault Government - Pierre Chénier

The People's Demands Must Prevail - Pierre Soublière
The Issue of Values and Religious Symbols - Fernand Deschamps
Quebec Must Not Be Used for NATO Military Training - Christine Dandenault

Workers' Struggles
Liquor Board Workers Stage Walkout Against Unjust Disciplinary Measures and to Demand Meaningful Negotiations
Aluminum Workers Fight for Their Dignity and Rights

Workers Speak Out
Work in Defence of Public Education - Sylvain Mallette
Governments Must be Transparent in Their Actions and Accountable to the People - Clément Masse

For the Record
Is There a Shortage of Manpower in the Construction Industry? - Richard Goyette

March 28, 2018 
English Edition, No. 5

100th Anniversary of Demonstrations Against Conscription in Quebec
Not A Single Youth for Imperialist War! Make Quebec a Zone of Peace!
March 28, 1918: Anti-Conscription Protests in Quebec - Geneviève Royer

March 21, 2018 
English Edition, No. 4

March 8, 2018 
English Edition, No. 3

February 20, 2018 
English Edition, No. 2

January 21, 2018 
English Edition, No. 1

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