December 26, 2017 
English Edition, No. 24
2017 Photo Review
• May to August

December 21, 2017 
English Edition, No. 23
2017 Photo Review
• January to April

November 19, 2017 
English Edition, No. 22
Bill 62
• National Assembly Blames Women and Youth to Cover Up Its Own Cowardice
- Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec (PMLQ)
• Bill 62 Is Irrational and Should Be Repealed
- Georges Cτtι

July 31, 2017 
English Edition, No. 21
Opposition to the Trudeau Government Police State Bill C-59 Continues
• Pickets in Montreal Boroughs Arouse Concern Over Bill C-59
• Arbitrary Definition of "Activity that Undermines the Security of Canada" Further Criminalizes the Struggles of the People in Defence of their Rights

July 17, 2017 
English Edition, No. 20
Trudeau Government's Bill C-59
• PMLQ Holds Militant Picket Outside Federal Government Offices
• Changes to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act

4th Anniversary of the Railway Tragedy at Lac-Mιgantic
• Lac-Mιgantic Residents Demand Railway Security

July 7, 2017 
English Edition, No. 19
• PMLQ Opposes Trudeau Government's Bill C-59
• Bill C-59 Strengthens Secret Police Powers

June 28, 2017 
English Edition, No. 18
June 23 -- 27th Anniversary of Defeat of Meech Lake Accord
• Canada's Existential Crisis on the Eve of Canada 150 Celebrations
• For a Free and Sovereign State of Quebec and an Equal Union of Sovereign Peoples
- Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec Document

June 24, 2017 
English Edition, No. 17
Quebec's National Day and Summer Solstice on the Eve of Canada 150
• Days of Celebration and Reflection

Quebec Government Presents
"Policy on Quebec Affirmation and Canadian Relations"

• Rehash of the Meech Lake Accord -- From Tragedy to Farce

June 9, 2017 
English Edition, No. 16
Flooding in Quebec
• Governments Must be Held to Account for Damages Caused by Flooding
• Governments Ignore In-Depth Scientific Investigations
into Predictable Natural Phenomena

- Fernand Deschamps

June 1, 2017 
English Edition, No. 15
Back-to-Work Legislation Imposed on Construction Workers
• All Out to Defend the Rights and Dignity of Construction Workers!

For your information
• Law Criminalizes Quebec Construction Workers' Strike

• Construction Workers' Demands Are Just!
The Government Must Respect Those Demands!

May 29, 2017 
English Edition, No. 14
General strike of Quebec Construction workers
• All Out to Support Quebec Construction Workers!
• Oppose Government Back-to-Work Legislation
• State-Organized Attacks on Construction Workers

May 26, 2017 
English Edition, No. 13
180th Anniversary of the Rebellions of Upper and Lower Canada
• For a Constitution and Modern Institutions
Which Vest Sovereignty in the People!

Canada 150

• Celebrations at Manoir Papineau Are a Provocation

The Need for Modern Institutions Based on Defending the Rights of All
• Definition of Rights in the Act of Union, 1840 - Joseph Montferrand Collective

Monuments Honouring the Patriots

May 19, 2017 
English Edition, No. 12
Conference Held in Montreal on the History of the Conception of Rights in Quebec
• The Need for a Constitution Which Vests Decision-Making Power in the People
• The Need for Modern Institutions Based on Defending the Rights of All - Joseph Montferrand Collective
• Calendar of Events for National Patriots' Day

April 14, 2017 
English Edition, No. 11
Conference on the Future of Quebec
• Royal Proclamation of 1867: An Instrument for the Negation of Rights

A Turning Point in the Patriots’ Nation-Building Project
• May 7, 1837 : A Historic Public Assembly in Defence of Rights and Against the
Arbitrariness of the Crown

April 8, 2017 
English Edition, No. 10
No U.S. Air Strikes Against Syria! Hands Off Syria!
• Oppose Aerial Attacks Against Syria! Don't Touch Syria!

March 31, 2017 
English Edition, No. 9
Hundreds Abandoned on Quebec Roads During Storm
• Workers Hold Quebec Government to Account
- Pierre Chιnier
• Oppose Attempts to Blame Workers for Blatant Mismanagement During the Snow Storm!
- Normand Chouinard

March 22, 2017 
English Edition, No. 8
Court Challenge Begins Against Bill 99
• The Very Constitution Which Negates Quebec's Fundamental Rights
Cannot Be Used to Decide Whether or Not Quebec Can Exercise Those Rights

March 8, 2017 
English Edition, No. 7
Long live March 8, 2017 - International Women's Day!
• Fight for Modern Arrangements that Humanize Society!
- Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec
• Women's Struggle to Affirm Their Rights Confronts Obsolescent Institutions
- Christine Dandenault
• On the Condition of Women and Girls

March 4, 2017 
English Edition, No. 6
Demonstrations Against Sexual Violence in Three Quebec Cities
• Violence Against Women Concerns Society as a Whole 

Calendar of Events
• Prepare for March 8, International Women's Day!

Steelworkers Resist Attacks on Their Pension Plans
• Steelworkers Unite in the Fight to Defend the Rights of All

February 20, 2017 
English Edition, No. 5
Health Care Workers Fight for Their Rights and Health Care as a Right
• Second Anniversary of Adoption of Bill 10 and the Anti-Social
Restructuring of Health Care in Quebec

• Paramedics On Strike - An Important Fight Against Downward
Pressure on the Conditions of All

February 13, 2017 
English Edition, No. 4
Quebec Bill 106
• Legitimate Concerns Over Fracking

February 8, 2017 
English Edition, No. 3
Vigils in Quebec and the Rest of Canada
• The Fraternal Unity of the Quebec People Finds its Expression

February 4, 2017 
English Edition, No. 2
Days of Action February 3 - 5
• Take a Bold Step in Defence of the Rights of All!

January 30, 2017 
English Edition, No. 1
One Humanity, One Struggle
• Step Up the Struggle to Defend the Rights of All
- Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec, January 30, 2017

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