April 14, 2017 
English Edition, No. 11
Conference on the Future of Quebec
• Royal Proclamation of 1867: An Instrument for the Negation of Rights

A Turning Point in the Patriots’ Nation-Building Project
• May 7, 1837 : A Historic Public Assembly in Defence of Rights and Against the
Arbitrariness of the Crown

April 8, 2017 
English Edition, No. 10
No U.S. Air Strikes Against Syria! Hands Off Syria!
• Oppose Aerial Attacks Against Syria! Don't Touch Syria!

March 31, 2017 
English Edition, No. 9
Hundreds Abandoned on Quebec Roads During Storm
• Workers Hold Quebec Government to Account
- Pierre Chιnier
• Oppose Attempts to Blame Workers for Blatant Mismanagement During the Snow Storm!
- Normand Chouinard

March 22, 2017 
English Edition, No. 8
Court Challenge Begins Against Bill 99
• The Very Constitution Which Negates Quebec's Fundamental Rights
Cannot Be Used to Decide Whether or Not Quebec Can Exercise Those Rights

March 8, 2017 
English Edition, No. 7
Long live March 8, 2017 - International Women's Day!
• Fight for Modern Arrangements that Humanize Society!
- Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec
• Women's Struggle to Affirm Their Rights Confronts Obsolescent Institutions
- Christine Dandenault
• On the Condition of Women and Girls

March 4, 2017 
English Edition, No. 6
Demonstrations Against Sexual Violence in Three Quebec Cities
• Violence Against Women Concerns Society as a Whole 

Calendar of Events
• Prepare for March 8, International Women's Day!

Steelworkers Resist Attacks on Their Pension Plans
• Steelworkers Unite in the Fight to Defend the Rights of All

February 20, 2017 
English Edition, No. 5
Health Care Workers Fight for Their Rights and Health Care as a Right
• Second Anniversary of Adoption of Bill 10 and the Anti-Social
Restructuring of Health Care in Quebec

• Paramedics On Strike - An Important Fight Against Downward
Pressure on the Conditions of All

February 13, 2017 
English Edition, No. 4
Quebec Bill 106
• Legitimate Concerns Over Fracking

February 8, 2017 
English Edition, No. 3
Vigils in Quebec and the Rest of Canada
• The Fraternal Unity of the Quebec People Finds its Expression

February 4, 2017 
English Edition, No. 2
Days of Action February 3 - 5
• Take a Bold Step in Defence of the Rights of All!

January 30, 2017 
English Edition, No. 1
One Humanity, One Struggle
• Step Up the Struggle to Defend the Rights of All
- Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec, January 30, 2017

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