November 27, 2016    
English Edition, No. 23
In Memoriam
• Comrade Fidel Forever With Us

November 8, 2016    
English Edition, No. 22
In Defence of the Rights of All
• Women in the Forefront to End Violence Against All of Society!
• Demonstrations Across Quebec Condemn Violence Against Women
-- No Means No!

Resistance at Standing Rock
• Support the Struggle of First Nations in Defence of their Land and Mother Nature!

October 25, 2016    
English Edition, No. 21
Committee Consideration of Bill 110 on Labour Relations in the Municipal Sector
• Oppose Couillard Government's Attempt to Strong-Arm Municipal Workers
• Sorel-Tracy City Council Resolution Against Bill 110

Hurricane Matthew in Haiti
• All Out to Help the Heroic Haitian People Recover from Hurricane Matthew

Defend First Nations' Rights!
• Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

October 4, 2016    
English Edition, No. 20
Chantier Politique's 3rd Anniversary
• Step Up the Struggle for a Modern and Sovereign Quebec!

A Livelihood for All
• Bill 70 Must be Withdrawn!
• Update on Couillard Government's Bill 70 on Welfare Reform

September 23, 2016    
English Edition, No. 19
National Assembly Reconvenes
• Oppose Bill 87 Which Legalizes the Use of Informants and Makes the Imposition of the Austerity Agenda the Law
• Bill 110 Destroys the Arrangements for Resolving Conflicts in the Public Sector - Pierre Chιnier -

August 8, 2016    
English Edition, No. 18
World Social Forum in Montreal
• Social Forum Opens August 9
• Canada's Unacceptable Denial of Visas to Participants

August 5, 2016    
English Edition, No. 17
All Out for Postal Workers' Rally in Montreal on August 6
• Trudeau Government and Canada Post
Must Meet the Just Demands of Postal Workers!

August 6 and 9 Mark 71 Years Since the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
• Responsibility Begins at Home: Fight for an Anti-War Government!

July 12, 2016    
English Edition, No. 16

The Anti-Democratic Bill 101 Has Been Passed
• In the Absence of Politics, Police Powers Prevail

July 8, 2016    
English Edition, No. 15

Third Anniversary of Lac-Mιgantic Tragedy
• For a Public Authority that Defends Railway Safety, Not the Whims of the Monopolies! The Trudeau Government Must Meet the People's Demands!
• Activities Marking Third Anniversary

June 24, 2016    
English Edition, No. 14

• Happy National Holiday
• Origins of June 24 Celebrations - Serge Patenaude

June 21, 2016    
English Edition, No. 13

The Anti-Democratic Bill 101 Has Been Passed
• National Assembly Contravenes Its Own Regulations and Rams Through Bill 101
• Clause-by-Clause Consideration of Bill 101 in the Committee on Institutions

June 14, 2016    
English Edition, No. 12

No to the Undemocratic Bill 101!
• Reforms to the Electoral Law and the Cartel Parties

June 7, 2016    
English Edition, No. 11

No to the Undemocratic Bill 101!
• Work of the Commission on Institutions Confirms Desire to Give
Chief Electoral Officer Police Powers

June 2, 2016    
English Edition, No. 10

No to Bill 101 -- An Obstacle to Participation in Political Life
• Withdraw this Undemocratic Bill!
• Resolution Adopted by Political Parties Duly Registered with the Chief Electoral Officer in Relation to Bill 101
• Brief of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec

May 23, 2016    
English Edition, No. 9
National Patriots' Day
• Long Live the Project of Today's Patriots! Nation-Building, Yes! Empire-Building, No!
- Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec (PMLQ)

May 11, 2016    
English Edition, No. 8
May Day Actions in Quebec
• Workers Reaffirm Their Defence of the Dignity of Labour
and the Rights of All!

• Quebeckers’ Hearts Go Out to the People of Fort McMurray

March 15, 2016    
English Edition, No. 7
No! to the Promotion of Islamophobia
• No! to Bill 59 -- No! to the Use of Arbitrariness to Criminalize People
• Racists and Fascists Are Not Welcome!

For Yor Information
• ACT! For Canada

Women Fight for Humanization of Society!
• Actions Across Quebec for International Women's Day

Montreal Demonstrations
• March 19: No to War! Yes to Peace!

March 7, 2016    
English Edition, No. 6
Hail March 8, International Women's Day
• All Out for Democratic Renewal and the Affirmation of Our Rights!

Montreal Demonstrations
• March 9: Demostrate Against Pegida's Paul Weston in Montreal
• March 19: No to War! Yes to Peace!

March 2, 2016    
English Edition, No. 5
Recent Events at the Collθge de Maisonneuve
• Demonization of Muslims in the Name of "Combating Hate Speech"
- Fernand Deschamps -
• Statement on Incident Involving Adil Charkaoui
- Farouk Aouni -

For Your Information
• Government Bills 59 and 62

February 17, 2016    
English Edition, No. 4
Stop the Creation of Pretexts to Criminalize the Youth!
• UN Secretary-General's Visit to Montreal
• Attacking the Youth Is Part of Agenda of Aggression and War
• Youth and Workers Oppose State-Organized Promotion of Racism

February 12, 2016    
English Edition, No. 3
Quebec-Wide Mobilization in Defence of Childcare
• A Modern Society Must Provide Accessible Childcare
- Linda Sullivan
• Defend Our Social Programs! No to the Destruction of Childcare Programs!
• Petition to Increase Investments in Childcare Services

Quebec National Assembly Resumes Sitting
• A Government at Odds with Society's Needs
• Couillard Government Cabinet Shuffle

February 2, 2016    
English Edition, No. 2
For an Anti-War Government -- Sovereignty Yes! Annexation No!
• "Urban Winter Warfare Training" of Canadian Forces in Laval, Quebec

No to the Criminalization of Workers!
• Vindictive Court Judgement Against Blue-Collar Workers
- Pierre Chιnier -
Opposition to Couillard Government's Nation-Wrecking
• Teachers Reject Dismantling of Public Education System
and Demand Increased Investments

- Geneviθve Royer -
Cuts to Services for the Most Vulnerable
• Social Problems Can Only Be Resolved Through a Pro-Social Direction for the Economy

January 12, 2016    
English Edition, No. 1
• PMLQ Inaugurates the New Year by Announcing the Holding of Public Forums
on the Future of Quebec

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