December 30, 2015    
English Edition, No. 25
2015 Photo Review
• In Action for a Modern Quebec that Defends the Rights of All
July - December

December 28, 2015    
English Edition, No. 24
2015 Photo Review
• In Action for a Modern Quebec that Defends the Rights of All
January - June

December 18, 2015    
English Edition, No. 23
Mass Suspension of Montreal Blue-Collar Workers and Union Leaders
• No to the Criminalization of the Just Struggle of Municipal Employees
for their Rights and for Public Services!

• Government Must Back Down on Wages and Pensions

400,000 Common Front Members Strike
• Support Public Sector Workers!
The Anti-Social Austerity Agenda Must Be Defeated!

Bill 86 on Education
• Arrangements in Education Sector Should be Decided Upon
by Educational Workers Themselves

- Fernand Deschamps and Geneviθve Royer -

Commemorating the 26th Anniversary of the Polytechnique Tragedy
• Reaffirming the Struggle to Eliminate Violence Against Women

December 11, 2015    
English Edition, No. 22
26th Anniversary of the December 6 Polytechnique Tragedy
• 12 Days of Action to End Violence Against Women
• Status of Women Canada Message Blames Individuals for Violence and Chaos in a Society at Odds with the Needs of its Citizenry
- Christine Dandenault -
• Justice for Native Women in Val-d'Or
- Diane Johnston -

Montreal Demonstration November 28
• No to User Fees, Privatization and Austerity!

December 1, 2015    
English Edition, No. 21

Preventing "Radicalization" in Educational Institutions
• Attacking the Youth for Politics of War and Aggression
• National Assembly Discusses Refugees
• National Assembly Motion on Refugees

November 25, 2015    
English Edition, No. 20

What Way Forward for Quebec?
• For a Negotiated Settlement that Respects the
Demands of Public Sector Workers

• The Common Front's Counter-Proposal
• Yes to an Acceptable Negotiated Settlement for Workers!
No to the Provocation of Imposed Special Legislation!

• Couillard Government's November 6 "Improved Offer"

November 17, 2015    
English Edition, No. 19

• Statement of the PMLQ on the Violence in Paris

November 13, 2015    
English Edition, No. 18

Remembrance Day 2015
• Let Us Reaffirm Our Demand for an Anti-War Government!

20th Anniversary of the 1995 Referendum
• 20 Years After the Referendum and the Election of Justin Trudeau's Liberals

August 9, 2015    
English Edition, No. 17

Opposition to Harper's National Destruction
• Farmers Defend Public Right

Closure of Graphic Packaging Paperboard Mill in Jonquiθre
• Workers Demand the Re-Opening or Sale of the Mill and
New Laws that Limit Monopoly Right

- Normand Chouinard -

July 17, 2015    
English Edition, No. 16

25th Anniversary of Oka Uprising
• Redress for the First Nations Starts with Official Recognition of their
Political, Hereditary and Treaty Rights
- Diane Johnston

Second Anniversary of Lac-Mιgantic Tragedy
• Urgent Need for Redress and Renewal

July 3, 2015    
English Edition, No. 15

Federal Elections in Quebec

• In Beauce, Harper Openly Threatens Quebec People's Right to Be - Pierre Soubliθre -
• Quebeckers Oppose Harper's Warmongering - Fernand Deschamps -

Construction Workers Denounce Nation-Wrecking
• Workers Reject Stranglehold on North Shore Region

June 24, 2015    
English Edition, No. 14

June 24, 2015
• Quebec's National Holiday - Geneviθve Royer
• Origins of June 24 Celebrations - Serge Patenaude

June 19, 2015    
English Edition, No. 13

Challenges Facing the Quebec Nation Today

• Jacques Parizeau -- A Man of Stature
- Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec (PMLQ) -

• The Unity of All Sectors of the Society Is
Indispensable for Affirming the Sovereignty of Quebec

- TML Daily, November 5, 1995 -

Days of Action Against Quebec Liberal Party Convention
• No to Couillard Government and Liberal National Destruction!
No to the Prosperity Fraud!

Quebec Government Plan to Fight "Radicalization"
• Plan Targets Muslim Youth and Tramples Rights in the Mud

To Defame Is to Outlaw
• The Case of Montrealer Adil Charkaoui

May 29, 2015    
English Edition, No. 12

The Need for a New Direction for the Economy
• Quebec's Carbon Market -- Myth vs. Reality - Fernand Deschamps -
• The People Must Control the Natural Resources

May 18, 2015    
English Edition, No. 11

National Patriots' Day
• Long Live the Nation-Building Project of Today's Patriots!
- Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec (PMLQ), May 18, 2015

• The Key Role Played by Patriot Women

May 15, 2015    
English Edition, No. 10

Patriot's Day 2015
• Events Across Quebec to Celebrate the
Memory of the Patriots of 1837-1838

70th Anniversary of the Victory Over Fascism
• Hail the Fighting Peoples Who Crushed Fascism
• Celebration Rally in the Streets of Montreal

May 8, 2015    
English Edition, No. 9

May Day 2015
• Illegitimacy of Anti-Social Austerity Agenda Points to
the Need for Democratic Renewal

• Opposition to Couillard Government's Anti-Social Austerity Agenda
Continues to Assert Itself
75th Anniversary of the Right of Women to Vote in Quebec
• The Demand Today is for Democratic Renewal
• For Your Information

April 24, 2015    
English Edition, No. 8

Bill 28 Adopted Through Closure
• Closure and the Profound Need for Democratic Renewal
• For Your Information

April 18 Day of Action Against Bill C-51
• Militant Action in Montreal to Defeat Bill C-51 and the Harper Government

April 17, 2015    
English Edition, No. 7

All Out for the Day of Action to Stop Anti-Terrorism Bill C-51!
• Defend the Rights of All! No to Criminalization of Dissent!

Quebec City Act on Climate March

• Over 25,000 Demand an Economy that Protects the Natural and Human Environment

April 10, 2015    
English Edition, No. 6

All Out for April 11 March!
• Humanize the Natural and Social Environment!
• Quebec City Act on Climate March, Saturday April 11 - Statement of Act on Climate March
• Manifesto for a Global Movement - Quebec Collective, April 7, 2015

April 7, 2015    
English Edition, No. 5

Growing Resistance to Austerity Agenda and Nation Wrecking
• Denounce Brutal Police Assault on Protesters! Montreal Police and Couillard Government Must Be Held to Account! - Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec -
• Massive Rejection of Couillard Government's Leitγo Austerity Budget

April 1, 2015    
English Edition, No. 4

Two Demonstrations Against Islamophobia
• Resounding No to Racist Attacks Against Communities in Montreal 

Quebec Budget
• Denounce the Couillard Governmentfor its Attacks Against
Students and Youth! No to Police Brutality!

• Leitγo Budget 2015-2016: Destruction of Public Services
• Resistance to Austerity Agenda Continues

March 13, 2015    
English Edition, No. 3

Anti-social Restructuring of Health Care and
the Scandals of Mega-Hospital Management

• It's in the Very Nature of the Restructuring of Healthcare that the Problem Lies
- Fernand Deschamps
• Healthcare Bill Imposes New Union Restructuring
- Pierre Chιnier

International Women's Day
• In Fighting for their Rights Women Humanize the Entire Society

March 8, 2015    
English Edition, No. 2

March 8, International Women's Day

• Support Women’s Struggle for their Empowerment and Emancipation!
Step Up the Struggle for the Defence ofthe Rights of All!

- Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec
• The Call of Status of Women Canada - One Cannot Be More Detached from Reality
- Christine Dandenault

February 18, 2015    
English Edition, No. 1

Reject Austerity!
• The People of Quebec Must Establish Themselves as the Public Authority
• Bill 10 Sanctioned Through Closure: a Despicable Act
• Demonstrations Against Bill 10

The People in Action
• Excellent Day of Action in Quebec City
• Upcoming Actions

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