December 30, 2015

English Edition, No. 25

2015 Photo Review

In Action for a Modern Quebec
that Defends the Rights of All
July - December

The Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec (PMLQ) is continuing its photo review of the struggles waged by the working class and people of Quebec in 2015. For the period from January to June click here.

The year 2015 was one of resistance, courage and determination on the part of the working class and people of Quebec to defend the rights of all. In action all across Quebec to demand that the material, human, social and financial resources serve the needs of the people, the working class and its allies defended their demands on every front: public healthcare, education and social services geared toward the well-being of all, for an economy directed towards enabling everyone to live decently in all of Quebec's cities and regions and for the right to retire in dignity and within the best possible conditions.

Quebecers reject the neoliberal austerity agenda that Quebec "lacks the means" to satisfy the demands of the workers and people. Quebec workers create sufficient wealth to guarantee the realization of the rights of all. Prosperity can only be guaranteed through the defence of these rights in combination with a pro-social economy. Here are the workers and people in action in defence of the rights of all.


July 4
Second anniversary of Lac-Mégantic tragedy
Urgent need for redress and security for all: the people’s demand
that bypass tracks be built for the transportation of dangerous goods by
train has gone unanswered by governments

July 11
March Commemorating 25th Anniversary of Oka Uprising in Kanehsatà:ke

July 26
Moncada Day in Montreal Celebrates Cuban Revolution
and its Contributions to Humanity

July 27
Agricultural workers defend public right by demanding Supply Management
System be maintained in the face of Harper government's national destruction


August 7
  Montreal Demonstration Denounces
Wide Scale Deportations of Haitians in Dominican Republic

August 9
  Montreal vigil held in commemoration of Fredy Villanueva,
who was killed seven years ago, and others who have died at the hands
of the police, and to demand an end to policy impunity


Refugees Are Welcome!
Actions in Montreal and Quebec City

September 24
In response to the resumption of secret negotiations on the
Trans Pacific Partnership in Atlanta, hundreds of agricultural workers demonstrate in defence of the Supply Management system

Earlier that day, over 1000 agricultural workers rallied to demand
Supply Management System be maintained

September 29
Hundreds of agricultural workers demonstrate to defend
Supply Management System in response to secret negotiations
of Trans Pacific Partnership in Atlanta, Georgia

Outside Parliament

Rouyn-Noranda, Abitibi


September 30
20,000 Teachers in Streets of Montreal Defend Public Education


October 3
150,000 People Demonstrate in Montreal Against
Couillard Government's Anti-Social Austerity Agenda

October 19
Three actions in Montreal demand the humanization of the social and natural environment and call for the defeat of the anti-people Harper government

Action Against Oil Monopoly Dictate

Demonstration in Defence of Rights of Immigrants and Refugees and Against Deportations

Artistic Demonstration Against Harper Government Attacks on Democratic Process

October 11
"July 6, 2013 -- Never Again!” declares Lac-Mégantic

October 17
Fourth World March of Women in Trois-Rivières
Two days before federal elections, 10,000 woman demand humanization of society

October 26 to 29
Series of rotating strikes by public sector workers to demand a negotiated
settlement with improved working conditions and in defence of services

Actions in Chibougamau (top), Saint-Félix-de-Valois and Chicoutimi-Jonquière (bottom, left to right)


November 17
Public Sector Demonstrations Demand Salaries and
Conditions Commensurate with the Work they Perform

November 28
Montreal Demonstration Against User Fees, Privatization and Austerity


December 6
Commemoration of 26th anniversary of Polytechnique tragedy
Reaffirming the struggle for the elimination of violence against women

December 9
Day of strike in Montreal and Quebec for 400,000 public sector workers

December 9
Thousands of white collar workers take to the streets of Montreal to denounce austerity measures and privatization of services by City of Montreal

December 17
One year after the liberation of the Cuban 5 and the beginning of
negotiations for the normalization of relations between the U.S. and Cuba:
picket demands an end to the unjust blockade against Cuba

December 21
City of Montreal blue collar workers hold press conference to denounce
suspension of 2,400 members for defending their jobs and services


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