December 28, 2015

English Edition, No. 24

2015 Photo Review

In Action for a Modern Quebec
that Defends the Rights of All
January - June

The year 2015 was one of resistance, courage and determination on the part of the working class and people of Quebec to defend the rights of all. In action all across Quebec to demand that the material, human, social and financial resources serve the needs of the people, the working class and its allies defended their demands on every front: public healthcare, education and social services geared toward the well-being of all, for an economy directed towards enabling everyone to live decently in all of Quebec's cities and regions and for the right to retire in dignity and within the best possible conditions.

Quebecers reject the neoliberal austerity agenda that Quebec "lacks the means" to satisfy the demands of the workers and people. Quebec workers create sufficient wealth to guarantee the realization of the rights of all. Prosperity can only be guaranteed through the defence of these rights in combination with a pro-social economy. Here are the workers and people in action in defence of the rights of all.


January 3
PMLQ Rings in New Year and Issues Statement for 2015

January 26
Canadian Parliament Reconvenes

Actions in Montreal Condemning Ukranian Government for Atrocities
Against People of Donbass and to Denounce Hypocritical Silence of
Governments and Monopoly Media

"Hands Off My Region" Action in Abitibi


February 6
Opposition to Bill 10 in Healthcare Adopted Through Closure

February 9
Teachers Demonstrate at National Assembly Opening Against Anti-Social Austerity Measures Threatening Public Services

February 14
Demonstration Demands Justice for Missing and Murdered Native Women

Actions Across Quebec Against Austerity Agenda

Quebec City (and Cegep Garneau, bottom right)


Montreal Cegep Saint-Laurent and Marie-Victorin College

Pointe St-Charles and Villeray neigbourhoods in Montreal

Laval / La Prairie


Alma / La Tuque

Mauricie-Centre du Québec



La Baie/ Rimouski


/ Saint-Hyacinthe


Rouyn-Noranda / Trois-Rivières


 February 23
Demonstration during Couillard's Visit to Gatineau

February 28
Demonstration for the Right to Education


March 8
International Women's Day


Quebec City


March 14
National Day of Action Against Bill C-51
The Lie of the Quebec People's Support of the Bill is Exposed


March 21
Montreal Demonstration Against Couillard Government's Anti-Social Policies


March 21
Demonstration Against Liberal Party Caucus in Alma

March 24
Start of Student Strikes in Montreal, Quebe CIty and Cities Across Quebec
University of Montreal

Cégep Saint-Jérôme;  Université Laval, Québec

 March 26 & 28
Demonstrations Across Quebec Against Government's Austerity Agenda at Presentation of Couillard Government's Budget

Montreal, March 26

Baie-Comeau, March 26

Sept-Iles, March 26

Rimouski, March 26

Gatineau, March 26

Montreal, March 28

Montreal North, March 28

Weekly Demonstration Against Austerity, March 28

March 31
Two Demonstrations Against Islamophobia and Racist Attacks in Montréal


April 2
Some 70,000 People March in Montreal in Student-Organized Action With the Call to Action: "Not Another Austerity Budget -- Our Gains are Worth More than their Profits"

April 11
Act on Climate March in Quebec City
25,000 Demand an Economy that Protects the Natural and Human Environment

April 18
National Day of Action Against Harper's Bill C-51 in Montreal


May 1, International Day of Working Class Unity and Struggle:
Actions Across Quebec Against Couillard Government's Austerity Agenda


Quebec City



Sainte-Anne de la Pérade

Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean Region

Gaspésie Region


Cegep de Rimouski



May 2
Actions in Montreal and in Cities Across Canada to Mark First Anniversary of Massacre of More than 100 people at Trade Unions House in Odessa, Ukraine.

May 9
Montreal Celebration to Mark 70th Anniversary of Defeat of Fascism in Europe

May 18
Patriots' Day

Montreal, Gatineau, Châteauguay and St-Eustache


June 13 & 14
Demonstrations During Quebec Liberal Party Convention in Montreal

June 25
North Shore Construction Workers' Blockade
Workers Say No to Destruction of the Region


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