November 17, 2015

English Edition, No. 19

Statement of the PMLQ on the Violence in Paris

The Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec (PMLQ) strongly condemns the heinous violent crimes that were committed against the population of Paris on November 13. The PMLQ calls upon the workers and people of Quebec to exercise calm and to take stands that serve the cause of peoples that seeks peaceful political solutions to the problems confronting the world of today.

The first thing is to oppose the attempt to use the crime committed in Paris as an opportunity to take measures to turn France and the world's peoples into targets of counter-violence. Any action that will further deprive the peoples of their rights in the name of security and turn sections of the people into targets for attack is unacceptable. It is the people who are the victims of the instigation of terrorist acts and state terrorism, and historically the people of Quebec know this only too well.

This crime also brings to the fore the necessity to intensify our work to establish an anti-war government so that Canada is prevented from participating in U.S. wars of aggression and occupation, the aggressive military pacts of NATO and NORAD and to work towards putting an end the use of force in the settling of conflicts between nations. The international situation is marked by anarchy and chaos raised to the level of authority in all spheres of human activity, giving no respite to the peoples of the world. Political solutions to resolve disputes in a way that benefits the peoples are pushed aside, while violence is imposed to prevent them from taking the initiative.

In this regard, the PMLQ must condemn the irresponsible remarks of Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard in response to the crime committed in Paris. He said, "The democratic world is at war. [...] I expect from our country, Canada, that we play a role that is requested by our partners in the international coalition." The war of the "democratic world" the Premier is referring to is the war of the U.S. quest for world domination through fire and sword to which it wants to annex Quebec, imposing anarchy and violence on the peoples, and to which the population of Paris has once again fallen victim. No to war propaganda!

Through the monopoly media, we are now bombarded every second with racist and war hysteria, with the most sinister disinformation, with a debate on whether or not to accept refugees within an orientation that blames the people, as if it is they who are xenophobic and intolerant. The Canadian government is also presented as one that will keep its promise not to participate in bombings, while its warplanes continue, alongside France, to bomb Syria and it seeks to become the leader in spy weaponry, security and military training, which it calls "aid" even though it serves the same interests. It must not pass.

The PMLQ calls on all its members and supporters to remain calm and to seriously look into the situation with their peers. We must think on the basis of our own aspirations in defence of the rights of all, of the sovereignty of nations and political solutions for the problems facing humanity, not on the basis of considerations imposed by warring powers and the monopoly media in their service. It is they who bear the main responsibility for the situation in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East and seek to create "unity" and "solidarity" around their own strategic aims. They try to pass those strategic aims off as the high ideals of freedom and democracy while using every event to further repress and ban the exercise of such freedoms. This path is leading humanity towards catastrophe and the way to reverse this trend is through the affirmation of the rights of all.

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