March 8, 2015

English Edition, No. 2

March 8, International Women's Day

Support the Struggle of Women for their Empowerment and Emancipation!
Step Up the Struggle for the Defence ofthe Rights of All!

- Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec, March 8, 2015 -

March 8, International Women's Day
Support the Struggle of Women for their Empowerment and Emancipation!
Step Up the Struggle for the Defence ofthe Rights of All!

- Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec
Status of Women Canada in Tune with Harper Government
- Christine Dandenault

March 8, International Women's Day

Support the Struggle of Women for their
Empowerment and Emancipation!
Step Up the Struggle for the Defence of
the Rights of All!

- Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec -

Quebec women and their organizations undertook a week of actions and activities to celebrate International Women's Day 2015 and the fourth launch of the World March of Women Action Plan which will culminate in a large rally on October 17 in Trois-Rivières. It is to their credit for having inscribed on their banner resistance and opposition to austerity.

Shoulder to shoulder with women of the First Nations, Canada, Haiti, Syria, Ukraine, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Palestine and around the world, they are reaffirming their demands for modern arrangements for a society which recognizes women's rights and the rights of all. Women's rights must be affirmed by economic, social, cultural and political conditions so that women, children and all members of society can flourish. This requires constitutional guarantees and control over political decisions enabling women's equality to become a reality. This is how a society's progressive pro-social character is measured.

March 8, 2015 takes place within difficult and complex conditions where governments in Quebec and Canada are actively working on behalf of private interests and divert the nation's resources to servethe aims of the  monopolies. We are witnessing the usurpation of political power by powerful private interests. The state is destroying the arrangements that no longer serve the interests of the monopolies and monopoly right. The imposition of new arrangements is reflected in the brutality of the anti-social, anti-worker and inhumane offensive of the Couillard government and in the brutality of various omnibus bills as well as the pro-war Harper government's Bill C-51 aimed at criminalizing everyone who resists and demands a humane society.

The fact that these governments can act with impunity and implement a program that is in full contradiction with the interests of women and the whole society is a problem to be taken up for solution. The struggle for renewal and a change in direction of the economy is the order of the day. This includes militant opposition to the attacks on women in the sectors of healthcare, education, social assistance and childcare, privatization in service of the rich and imposed union reorganization. Women leave no one behind: they defend First Nations women and demand a public inquiry into missing and murdered women; they defend the most vulnerable, seniors, youth, the differently-abled, and others. Opposition to laws and bills that the National Assembly attempts to present with a stamp of legitimacy and legality are in their sights, as is the repeal of Bill C-51, imposed on us in the name of fighting terrorism, as well as the defeat of the pro-war Harper government. All sorts of initiatives have been taken since the beginning of the year in this direction and must be stepped up.

To block the struggle for changes that recognize the rights of all, governments brandish the danger of radicalization, fundamentalism and terrorism. They make a concerted effort to try to confuse and divide the body politic, to create division and to silence any opposition in the name of "security,” which becomes the pretext to suppress the struggle of the people of Quebec, Canada and the world for their rights. The latest events in Quebec attacking women, youth and workers of Muslim communities to demonize them are part and parcel of this. This offensive is against thought, the right to conscience and of association and all the values ​​that Quebecers represent. This offensive is racist to the core, launched in the name of the defence of secular values. The reality is that it's the defence of the rights of women of all origins, of thoughts, religions or convictions that guarantees the rights of all, and the defence of the rights of all is the primary condition for our security.

Today, in the name of the non-interference of the church in public life, which was originally intended to ensure respect for the rights of all regardless of creed, origin, skin colour or convictions, we are presented with a so-called secular state which does precisely what the church was doing at the time, impose its values, its ways, laws and rules dictating who can associate with whom, when and how. For a long time women were told what and how to think to please the church, their husbands, etc. and they rid themselves of that period. This year, we give special support to our Muslim sisters or those who come from so-called Muslim countries. Their only crime is that, like us, they and their collectives continue to demand the humanization of the entire society.

Together, women are inscribing on their banners in opposition to austerity, war, aggression, militarization, racism and colonialist and backward practices. They demand the recognition of their rights to be able to live their humanity and femininity: the right to be, the right to beliefs, the right to housing, healthcare, education, food, a means of subsistence, to childcare services, to better conditions for pro-creation, for giving birth and for educating their children from birth through to university, etc.

Women are already at the forefront of this battle and it is the refusal of the authorities in place to put the power in the hands of the people that is preventing the creation of a humanized society. They must step up the struggle to vest the power in the people so that we can solve the problems, nothing less.

Long live March 8, International Women's Day!
Let us achieve our sovereign power to decide on all matters that affect our lives!

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Status of Women Canada in Tune with
Harper Government

- Christine Dandenault -

Status of Women Canada presented the theme "Strong women. Strong world. Improving economic opportunities for all." for International Women's Day this year. On its website, it says, "This theme points to the vital contribution that women make every day to both the domestic and the global economy. It also highlights the importance of ensuring that every woman has the opportunity to help create prosperity, whether as an employee, a professional, a business leader or an entrepreneur."

It also announced the holding of a forum of entrepreneurs in March and invites women to join "key business experts and innovators […] providing Canadian women entrepreneurs with the practical tools, networks and connections they need to reach their full growth potential." Last year the same call was given, a call to entrepreneurs. The issue is not entrepreneurs as such but rather the fact that Status of Women Canada is becoming a business agency, a far cry away from the demands and claims of 17,915,400 women in Canada and Quebec!

The organization has become increasingly isolated, as has the Harper government with its pretentious and paternalistic themes detached from the concerns of women. According to them all that’s required is that someone, somewhere at some point provide these women with the opportunity to create wealth! One cannot be more detached from reality than that.

It is laughable that Status of Women Canada notes that women are key to the national and international economy. Status of Women and the government refuse to recognize the demands of women, their struggles and difficulties unless it serves the government’s discourse and interests. The statement issued by Status of Women Canada following a meeting with First Nations leaders concerning the demand for a national inquiry into missing and murdered First Nations women is very revealing in this regard: "Ministers Leitch and Valcourt also emphasized that the Government of Canada has consistently stated that now is the time for action, not further study through a national inquiry on this issue. They highlighted Government of Canada actions to prevent violence, support victims and protect Aboriginal women and girls. Minister Leitch specifically underscored the Government of Canada's Action Plan to Address Family Violence and Violent Crimes Against Aboriginal Women and Girls, which represents a total investment of close to $200 million over five years in order to continue to take action."

The government does not recognize its responsibility as a government to provide for the needs of all and guarantee their rights. It is only responsible for meeting the demands of the monopolies and the U.S. government. It holds such disdain for the word “right” and for anything having to do with a public authority that defends the rights of all that it made sure to cut funding to any women's rights advocacy groups, shelters for battered and abused women, etc.

On the occasion of March 8, women, as valuable creators of wealth and as a driving force for of change at the national and international level, have put on the agenda the struggle in defence of the rights of all, ending all violence, war and aggression, a new direction for the economy and the renewal of the political process. Over that, the Harper government has no control.

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Calendar of Events

March 8 International Women's Day!

This year, opposition to the anti-social austerity agenda of the Philippe Couillard government will be present in all actions, events, conferences and public meetings that women and their organizations are holding on March 8. They will celebrate their struggles and achievements for the affirmation of their rights alongside women in Canada and around the world.

Quebec City
FEMMES en marche pour l’égalité,
SOLIDAIRES contre l’austérité

March 8
March -- 11:00 am
425, rue Saint-Amable, Parc de l’Amérique Française
Brunch -- 12:00 noon
Basement of l’Église St-Jean-Baptiste, 470 rue St-Jean, at Deligny
Organized by: Coalition régionale de la Marche mondiale des femmes (CRMMF)
For information: Facebook

Formation of Quebec Women In Engineering (WIE) group &
International Women’s Day Celebration

March 9 -- 5:00 - 7:00 pm
Le Pub universitaire, 2325 University St., Rm 1312, 
Pavillion, Laval University
Organized by: IEEE Women in Engineering

Building the World We Want! 
Construisons le Monde Que Nous Voulons!
March 8 
Forum -- 9:30 am - 12:00 noon
7th Floor, Hall Building, Concordia University, 1455 Maisonneuve West 
Rally -- 1:00 pm
Norman Bethune Square, corner of Guy and Maisonneuve West
Organized by: 8th March Committee of Women of Diverse Origins,
For information:


FEMMES en marche pour l’égalité, 
SOLIDAIRES contre l’austérité 
March 8 -- 5:00 - 8:00 pm
Scène Paramount, 15 Rue Gamble Ouest
For information:

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